William Paul Smith is an Eastern Shoshone Native American filmmaker, writer, actor and poet. He was born in Ashland Oregon and raised in Northern California. William has studied in Paris, San Francisco, London, Los Angeles and New York and graduated with a BFA in film and video at the renowned School of Visual Arts.
William was an actor and producer in the film “Big White Elephant” an official selection at the Max Ophuls film festival. He also played the lead role and participated as a director in the Off Broadway adaptation of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s “Beware of a Holy Whore”. In his work, William deals with subjects of his culture and identity, gender and sexuality, violence, interpersonal relationships and spirituality in regard to the contemporary world, art and cinema. William has written four feature screenplays, including, “House Of Kings”, a story which explores the relationship between a father and his sons and loosely based on William’s life. William has written and directed short films “La Rose Bleue”, “Where Frogs Grow”, “Womb”, and “White Room Experimentals” a series of 22 video installations (currently in production).